30 January 2007

Clinical Archives

Clinical Archives keeps drawing me back. It is an independent netlabel that began about this time last year featuring:

eclectic and ilogical electronic music. The basic directions : abstract, free improvisation, dark ambient, noise, avantgarde, experimental, industrial, electronica, field recordings, glitch, microsound, montage, psychedelic, trance, soundscape, sound art, spoken word, strange and other forms ... All those works are released for free under Creative Commons Licences .

The catalog to date is dominated by Djet, who keeps me interested all over the web. Djet (aka Alexander Lisovsky) is architect by training, but works now in design, scenography and music. He lives in Moscow and writes electronic experimental music using "organic noises and sounds, instead of a pencil or a brush...."

A Clinical Archives release that has captured my attention recently is
Himmelkommando's Arctic Linqua, which came out last month. Dark ambient stuff and highly enjoyable as such. What else could you expect from a release a track named "Hoarfrost Embryo [mp3]" ?

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