01 January 2007

The 365 Days Project v2

The 365 Days Project

One MP3 a day for one year. Otis Fodder produced the project in 2003 with the help of several curators. It was a noteable web phenomenon that earned accolades, united freaks for strange recordings worldwide and created countless more such people. It also sparked similar projects that united still more fans of outsider, rare and just plain weird recordings. Why, the project is even how Fodder met his lovely wife. The 365 Days Project is archived at UbuWeb and at WFMU.

The 365 Days Project v.2

Freeform radio station WFMU in the greater New York City metro area invited Fodder to revive the project for 2007. Daily entries are logged in their blog, and can be filtered out into their own pages. I am the curator of day seven.

Curators for The 365 Days Project v.1

Any leads on where to find the rest of these 2003 curators online?



  1. Ah, The magazine record! Cool one!
    Katya, I know these 4 good people:

    -Blair Sterrett (at MySpace)
    -Michael Leigh
    -Johan Johansson
    -The Tod (at Myspace)

  2. "It also sparked similar projects that united still more fans of outsider..."

    What are these "similar projects"?

    Can you name one or two for me?


  3. Two similar projects that were directly inspired by 365 Days are 52 Weeks and Land of 999 Dances.

  4. Thanks to Mr. Fontana for giving Flobberlob a mention but wouldn't it make more sense if my audio blog Boot Sale Sounds was linked? Cheers!

  5. Jeepers, Michael. I was hoping you wouldn't see that I missed you on the list. Sorry about that. It was a mistake, and I'll also change your link to Boot Sale Sounds. Thanks.


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