16 June 2016

Voice, Clarinet, Fortepiano: Romantic Songs And Old Instruments

Voice, Clarinet, Fortepiano: Romantic Songs and Old Instruments by Montserrat Alavedra (soprano), William McColl (of Soni Ventorum, clarinet), Joseph Levine (fortepiano)

This album is superb, simple, and lovely. As you will hear, Alavedra's voice was full, rich, gorgeous. The same can be said of McColl's early 19th century clarinet, a Bb clarinet made by Mollenhauer in Fulda, Germany about 1820 - 1825. Joseph Levine performs on a fortepiano that was a copy of a Mozart-era instrument. The French and German lied are selections by composers Louis Spohr, Pierre Gaveaux, Giacomo Meyerbeer (Jacob Liebmann Beer), and Franz Schubert.

This album is dear to my heart and is a memoriam to the memory of Montserrat and Joseph.

MUSIC COPYRIGHTS: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License IMAGE: Improvised cover by OddioOverplay.com
NATIONALITY: Euro W: Spain; USA: Washington: Seattle
LANGUAGE: French; German
CLASSIFICATIONS: Classical; Classical Voice; Fortepiano; Clarinet; Historical Instruments; Opera
FILED UNDER: Digital: Art Music: Voice

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