15 June 2016

Flamenco + Hip Hop Beats = Gnawledge

Check 1-2. Check check. Are you receiving? So guess who has finally gained access to Blogio Oddio? Who else thinks 2.5 years is more than enough time for a 7.5 hour collection of Mozart works as the latest news?

How about something new for your ears? Taking a wild guess that your music selections are thin in your FLAMENCO HIP HOP catalog, right? Well then, let's remedy that. Gnawledge is a project in Granada, Spain that began with a music grant, a music researcher, and a hip hop producer. They pulled in the skills of many musicians and samples of classics across the genres. Gnawledge has since grown into a larger project including a record label.

Their album Granada Doaba begins with some lovely Spanish guitar. By track two, the beats appear, and as the album progresses you will be swept up in a swirling cloud of Spanish, Arab, classic rhythm and blues, hip hop, and samples. I even heard the Godfather of Soul in there.

This is a fun and mostly instrumental trip across the world, across genres, and across time. You can hear that a great deal of effort was invested by these musicians and producers to bring this gem to the world.


MUSIC LICENSE: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License
NATIONALITY: Granada, Spain
CLASSIFICATIONS: Dance; Flamenco; Hip Hop; Latin; Sampling
FILED UNDER: Digital: Popular Music: Beats: Traditional

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