17 June 2016

Nina Hagen Live At DNA Lounge

Nina Hagen is many things — The Mother of Punk, model, actress, singer, songwriter, all-around performer, to name a few. She is also a hero to countless punks of at least two generations.

This live show from the The DNA Lounge Live Collection was recorded at the club in San Francisco, California, 9 February 2005. Nina performs songs reaching all the way back into her catalog to the 1970s, as well as two songs from her then current album, Big Band Explosion, and some uniquely Nina cover renditions.


Live Recording Sets

recorded via the soundboard

4.) 03:28:04 Nina Set Begins

Nina Hagen Set Playlist

01.  Acappella German cabaret song (This is Nina, after all!)
02. Let Me Entertain You (2003, Big Band Explosion)

03. Return of the Mother (2000, Return of the Mother)

04. Zero Zero U.F.O. (2001, Sternenmaedchen)

05. Fever (2003, Big Band Explosion)

06. I'm Going to Live the Life I Sing About in My Song (gospel classic by Rev. Thomas A. Dorsey) (1993, Revolution Ballroom)

07. New York New York (1983, Fearless) / Prima Nina in Ekstasy (with a new rap) (1985, In Ekstasy)

08. A Horse With No Name (reggae version of a classic by America) / Hey Shiva Shankara

09. King of Hearts (1993, Revolution Ballroom)

10. All Apologies (Nirvana cover)

11. Take A Giant Step (The Monkees cover, song by Gerry Goffin and Carole King)

12. She's So Stupid

13. Ska Thing (1996, Bee Happy -- music and words by Nina)

14. Born In Xixax (1982, Nunsexmonkrock)

15. Just Squeeze Me (Ella Fitzgerald classic)

16. LSD

17. Born To Die In Berlin (1996, Bee Happy -- music by Dee Dee Ramone, words by Nina)

18. Bang Bang

19. Pollution Pirates (1993, Revolution Ballroom)

20. Ave Maria (1989, Nina Hagen)

21. 1st Encore: Young People / United Women of the World (2003, charity song with other women singers)

22. 1st Encore: Runaway (1996, Bee Happy -- music and words by Dee Dee Ramone)

23. 1st Encore: How Could I Be So Lucky?

24. 2nd Encore: (uncertain about this one)

25. 2nd Encore: TV-Glotzer (White Punks on Dope) (1978, Nina Hagen Band)

MUSIC COPYRIGHTS: All Rights Reserved
NATIONALITY: Euro W: Germany: Berlin
CLASSIFICATIONS: Punk; Voice; Pop; Dance; Vocal Experimentation; Vocal Pop; Frontwoman
SOURCES: The DNA Lounge Live Collection, Internet Archive
LANGUAGE: German; Madhya; Hindi; English ESL
FILED UNDER: Digital: Popular Music: Punk, Post-Punk, Power Pop

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