20 June 2016

Monday Energy Injection

Formed in Los Angeles way back in 1977, The Dickies are one of the longest lived punk bands in the world. Their silly lyrics, catchy jangly melodies, and sense of fun have built a devoted fan base. Some members of that fan base have done energetic covers of Dickies classics that are sure to have you tapping at your desk.



01. The Norma Jeans - (Stuck In A Pagoda With) Tricia Toyota
Featuring Your Very Own Webmaster, Ciaron, On Vocals And Bass Guitar

02. Gigantor – Gigantor

03. Stiletto Boys - Gigantor

04. Chuckhole - Stan Lee

05. Simpletones - Disco Ape
This Is Their Version Of You Drive Me Ape

06. Sgt. Phallic's Undernourished Kids - E's In Leah
A Live Reworking Of Just Say Yes

07. Doc & The Pods - Attack Of The Mole Men

08. Panic Attacks - Manny, Moe & Jack

09. Mouthguard - Hideous

MUSIC COPYRIGHTS: All Rights Reserved
IMAGE: cover improvised by Oddio Overplay from the cover of The Dickies' eighth single, "Fan Mail"
NATIONALITY: Multinational
CLASSIFICATIONS: Punk; Rock; Tribute; Power Pop
LANGUAGE: English, German
FILED UNDER: Digital: Small Classes: Tribute, Cover, Remix

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