11 July 2013

Joy From Brazil: Gryner E Jardim

Rafael Gryner e Leandro Jardim -
Sementes Musicais Para Um Mundo Cibernético (Seeds For A Musical Cybernetic World)


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Just as the seed needs water, the song requires a listener. Like a small grain that blossoms into a tree, the song desires to transcend its own brevity. Inspired by these thoughts we invite you to listen to our E.P. Six songs that require no more than 16 minutes of attention, because they wish to be perceived as an integral work. A work that, worry not, intends to suit these hectic times we live in. So faced with the fleeting time in our world comes the significance of being brief.

Here we find ourselves on the web, contemplating all that is cyber and governs our world today. This is the source of inspiration for our arrangements, instrumentation, chants and effects.

And so our task, to get the rawness of a seed, those that grow into trees to turn into guitars, mix it with the electronic, virtual, digital world, appearing ever so fiercely to compete with our notion of reality - and there you go – these are our proposed aesthetics.

An aesthetic in service art itself, the art of songwriting, the art of brazilian songwriting, passionately invoking everything that was done up till now, and why not? moving on.

So now we open this door, reach out a hand, and invite you to witness our way of re-processing old emotions, those that happily afflict everyone on this world, and enjoy these seeds which hopefully will flourish within the listener. 

 -- Rafael Gryner e Leandro Jardim

Music License: © All Rights Reserved
Artist Location: Brazil

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