12 July 2013

Our Disco Disastro and Our Corto Discorso

A Smile for Timbuctu was a fun band from Italy made up of Cristiano Crisci and Simone Brillarelli with designer Jonathan Calugi. Brillarelli is now now famous as Digi G'Alessio and as a founder of the Fresh Yo! label.

This happy 5-song EP, Our Corto Discorso, made for Kazoomzoom is a spin on A Smile for Timbuctu's album, Our Disco Disastro, and is played only with machines: synthesizers and a drum machine.

Enjoy other albums by A Smile for Timbuctu on their site, including the original Our Disco Disastro.

Music License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
Artist Location: Florence, Italy

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