08 July 2013

Grupo Laberinto

All Music describes the music of Grupo Laberinto (Labyrinth) as boisterous, amiable, good-natured, playful, exuberant, fun, rollicking, cheerful, confident, earnest, and energetic.

"Formed in 1987 in Ciudad Obregón in the Mexican state of Sonora, Grupo Laberinto specialize in corridos, rancheras, boleros, and a danceable, tropical blend similar to merengue. The group made its recording debut playing this latter style, but it quickly expanded its horizons to include rancheras, corridos, and ballads in its repertoire, a stylistic shift that widened the group's appeal to other parts of Mexico as well as the United States." -- All Music

Laberinto's label, Discos Musart, shares some of their work on last.fm.  Enjoy the albums La Bomba Tropical Del Pacifico (an anthology of early hits), Me Voy Como Vine (2012), Totalmente Ranchero (2006), and tracks from other albums.

Music License: All Rights Reserved
Artist Location: Sonora, Mexico

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