09 July 2013

Early Music on Guitar by Jon Sayles

Occidental classical music begins with Early Music which spans from 500 AD to the mid-eighteenth century. This starts with Medieval (500-1400) and flows into Renaissance (1400-1600) before it concludes with Baroque (1600-1760).

Jon Sayles, a software developer for IBM, was introduced to Early Music when he was at college. For pleasure and to share this rare music with the world, Sayles has recorded many performances and hosts them on his website at Early Music: Classical Guitar Ensemble.

Music License: © Terms read like Creative Commons BY-NC-ND, but see site for exact terms

Image: detail from 14th century medieval tapestry Geflügelte Hirsche (Winged Deer) housed at the Musée Départemental des Antiquités de Rouen

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