07 July 2013

Improvisation from Grey Ghost

Together, Aram Shelton on saxophone and Johnathan Crawford on percussion and both performing digital manipulation are Grey Ghost. The collaboration began in 2002 and resulted in two studio albums How To Create Words on 482 Music and the self-released Broad Oration.

Broad Oration was recorded by Jamie Wagner at Strobe Recordings in Chicago during in autumn 2005. Grey Ghost entered the studio with ideas and largely improvised the session. Aram edited and mixed the music. Johnathan designed and printed the silk-screened covers. The limited release of 100 was issued in 2005, and a digital copy is now available from Candy Dinner.

We were won right off by the percussion in the opening track. It resembles the clocks in "Time Is Running Out" by Salakapakka Sound System and "Tic Tac Nocturne" by the brilliant Bernard Estardy (heavily sampled in The Chemical Brother's "My Elastic Eye"). The track soon develops reminding us of vaguely of the well-known "Telephone and Rubber Band" by Penguin Cafe Orchestra (official site).

The saxophone comes into play in the second track. Broad Oration is an impressive improvisation album that can hold one's interest throughout.

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