16 February 2013

Seventies Mutation

None of the original artists playing none of your favorite songs!

Various Artists - Seventies Mutation
A satirical take on pop and rock legends of the much maligned decade

WFMU says: " Well, if you enjoyed that mutant version of "Boys of Summer" that Puff Tube put out years ago, this is for you. French performance freak Costes does Lennon's "I Found Out", and you also get completely messed up versions of "Black Magic Woman" (by Xpr.xr), "Have You Never Been Mellow" (Phigg-Newtons), "She's Always a Woman" (Slippery Fingers), "Le Freak" (His Hemmorhoids Are Gone) and many more gems not only covered but deconstructed into piles of smoldering electronic goo."

Track 11 appeared on  Valentine's Day show (playlist, download, stream, etc.) of Busy Doing Nothing on WFMU's Give The Drummer Radio.

Running Time 72:52

01 - "Black Magic Woman"  [Santana] performed by XPR.XR (2:26)
02 - "Mississippi Queen"  [Mountain] performed by Totimoshi (2:33)
03 - "I Found Out"  [John Lennon] performed by Costes
04 - "Family Affair"  [Sly & the Family Stone] performed by Sasame-Kai (3:51)
05 - "American Pie"  [Don McLean] performed by Hawking
06 - "You're So Vain"  [Carly Simon] performed by Scatter My Atoms (6:15)
07 - "Jungle Boogie"  [Kool and the Gang] performed by Destructo (1:10)
08 - "Freebird"  [Lynyrd Skynyrd] performed by The Spoon and Candle Workshop (6:33)
09 - "Waterloo"  [ABBA] performed by Thetotalwasteband (3:12)
10 - "Wish You Were Here"  [Pink Floyd] performed by The Final Cunt (4:03)
11 - "Have You Never Been Mellow"  [Olivia Newton-John] performed by The Figg-Newtons (3:30)
12 - "Telephone Line"  [Electric Light Orchestra] performed by Pat Robertson's Police State of Love (4:33)
13 - "She's Always a Woman"  [Billy Joel] performed by The Slippery Fingers (3:34)
14 - "Le Freak"  [Chic] performed by His Hemerhoids Are Gone (2:12)
15 - "Closer to the Heart"  [Rush] performed by Rush to Excellence (3:28)
16 - "Hot Child in the City"  [Nick Gilder] performed by Tasha (3:56)
17 - "Beast of Burden"  [The Rolling Stones] performed by The Platitudes (1:59)
18 - "Babe"  [Styx] performed by Bitch Machine (5:03)
19 - "I Need a Lover"  [John Cougar] performed by The Dewey Roses (5:27)