15 February 2013

Joshua Worden's Downtempo Soul

Joshua Worden is a downtempo soul singer, musician, and producer whose music flows smoothly across genres like soul, rhythm and blues, singer-songwriter pop, and even jazz. He creates a calm comfort with his music and an immediate friendly intimacy with his words.

He is sharing his songs "The Line (featuring blctxt)" and "Salted Graces." Once you fall in love with those tracks, his entire releases A Pause in the Desert and The Withered Tree are available from Amazon, iTunes, and Bandcamp.

Joshua performs with Will Montgomery at venues in the Southeast US, so get out there to see the magic.

"... displaying an electronic edge with R&B/soul flavor. It's as stirring as his past work, and is produced and executed equally as well - Worden doesn't do things halfway - but is far from more of the same. His efforts are worth your attention." --Florida Times Union

"... flows remarkably well. It's stylish and mellow, supplementing its otherwise simple melodies with layers of electronic tunes and ambience." --EU Magazine

"Joshua Worden delivers an air of road worn smoothness to an otherwise new sound." --Doughnut Magazine