02 January 2013

Liam and Me - Lives We Might Have Lived

Philadelphia rock band Liam and Me is offering a download of their album Lives We Might Have Lived for a donation or free.

The band writes:

Dear friends:

We are releasing this album all across the internets, as bands do nowadays. You may buy it on iTunes and Amazon if you like, download it for free on our website, or listen anytime on Spotify. Please share it with anyone you think might like it.

Primarily written and recorded from 2005 – 2007, Lives We Might Have Lived is oddly prophetic. Its about accepting a life that you’re never quite ready for, and all the weird adventures along the way. It is about transition, and all the highs and lows that come with it. There are moments of brilliance. Moments that make us cringe. We hope you enjoy them all.

This record is dedicated to everyone who celebrated with us when things were great, and supported when things were not. We feel very grateful. It was a wild, weird, and wonderful ride that we will never forget, even if we often wonder what might have been.

Thank you,
Liam and Me

For the full story, check out our liner notes.

Here is track 2 of 13, "Say It Out Loud."

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