01 January 2013

Start the Year with Soul

Patrick Van Wagoner, an editor at Epitonic has compiled a playlist of some of their soul selections. All the tracks are freely available. Epitonic has turned on the Oddio crew to many new artists they seek out on trips to the music shops.

Van Wagoner writes, "I don't like to mope during hectic times. Music, yet again, is the perfect tool to combat frustration and stress. Epitonic, yet again, is my source. Of all the playlists I've made in my time here, I think one with a heavy soul influence is what I'm missing most. What better way to swing your mood than some uplifting R&B and soul. Great, modern soul isn't the easiest thing to come by, so fortunately Epitonic is housing these ten tracks so I can get through the rest of the week."

The Bo-Keys
A Soul Playlist
download all at once or individual tracks

The Heavy That Kind of Man (Apogee version)

Dance Floor Plans Already Mine

The Bo-Keys Got to Get Back (to My Baby)

JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound Everything Will Be Fine

Betty Davis Anti Love Song

Dance Floor Plans Keep Standing Up

Aloe Blacc I Need A Dollar

Luke Temple More Than Muscle

The Delta 72 Pleased and Honored Pt. 2

Aloe Blacc The Dark End of the Street (w/ the Grand Scheme) 

JC Brooks and The Uptown Sound
Epitonic also offers your ears several more tracks by JC Brooks and The Uptown Sound.