03 January 2013

Paper Lions

Paper Lions is a Canadian indie rock band, formed in Belfast, Prince Edward Island in 2004 by singer and guitarist John MacPhee, drummer David Cyrus MacDonald, guitarist Colin Buchanan and bass guitarist Rob MacPhee. John and Rob are brothers, and Buchanan grew up next door to them. They won the 2006 East Coast Music Award for Pop Recording of the Year for their EP 6-pack.

The band offers you their Trophies album in exchange for an email address. Secret: the album comes with a bonus track!

exclaim.ca said of Trophies:

Trophies can be seen as a new beginning as much as a honing of Paper Lions' considerable talent. Either way, its six songs are all loud and fun indie rock teeming with great riffs and sing-along choruses. "Lost the War," which has already made its way onto MuchMusic and Aux rotation, is the clear standout, but the rest of the EP measures up quite well. "Sweat it Out" is a herky-jerk, mid-tempo rocker with off-kilter drums that emphasize the chaos. But John and Rob MacPhee are able to ground the track with a great melody, a trick that's prevalent in all the band's work. The East Coast pumps out rock bands of such a high calibre, relative to its population, that it takes a lot to stand out from the pack. Somehow, Paper Lions are able to carve out their niche without abandoning the elements of the genre that drew us to them in the first place. Yes, you've heard this all before, but it's hard to argue when it's done this well.
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Recently from the band, 05 March 2013:

We are the champions, my friend(s)! And do you know why? Because of all you lovely people.

As many of you are probably aware, we were engaged in a dispute with a former record label over our album Trophies, and the fact that the label still owned the record despite never paying us for the units sold. Well, we're happy to tell you that today, Trophies is back the hands of her rightful owners: us. Yes, thanks to the glorious stink you guys made on Reddit and all over the internet, the rights to our record were returned to us. It's up on iTunes right now, and every sale henceforth will go directly to us!