15 January 2009

Throcke's Sometimes Not Unpointful CD

Great news! Throcke has released his much anticipated second CD, Sometimes Not Unpointful. The good news continues, you see, as he has once again made his music available to your ears for free. In further cool news, you can purchase your very own CDs from him as well.

Throcke is Christopher Carson of Brooklyn, New York. His music features delicate layers of his many instruments, clever electronic sounds, and field recordings of airplanes, water, elevators and birds. Working away in his studio, Throcke creates music that makes the world a better place.

Have you ever wondered about the name of Throcke? Here's the scoop!

"Throcke does not mean 'The Rock.' It's actually a nickname that dates back to 7th grade when my weird friends and I started a band called Jimmy and the Rotting Potatoes. No one was named Jimmy (well, there was an 'essence' we called Jimmy, who was responsible for lights flickering and doors suddenly opening). Anyway, we tried to come up with some ridiculous names for ourselves, like S.L.U.G., Turnip, Big Andy, RigorMortis, and Throckmorton S. Peagood XVII. What started as a joke somehow stuck and evolved into Throcke."

Christopher has been a drummer and songwriter for many bands, including Planet Nine, Hurka, Grasshopper Highway, Exit Ocean and UMAMI. He has also written scores for several short films. In fact, during the days, he edits film and video, mostly for television commercials.

His Throcke project gets most of his creative time these days -- to the good fortune of we the listeners! Enjoy his new Sometimes Not Unpointful CD, and drop some cash in his tipjar, won't you?

location: Brooklyn, NY USA
license: Creative Commons by-nc-sa

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