20 January 2009

US Ceremonial Music

The old regime has been escorted out, and the new one is in place. An exciting, uplifting time for most of America. Good news for most of the World.

To my fellow Americans, a toast to our future! For everyone, some American "pomp and circumstance" listening!

01. The Old Fife and Gun Corps, who led the inaugural parade, shares their entire LIVING THE TRADITION
CD (sample: "Royal American Medley" mp3)

02. The U.S. National Anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner"

03. USAREUR Band and Chorus Ceremonial Music Downloads (sample: "Washington Post March" mp3)

04. Recordings of The United States Military Academy Band at West Point

05. US Air Force Band Recordings

06. US Navy Band ceremonial, classical, jazz, country and sea selections

07. US Marine Band Ceremonial Music. They also led the inaugural parade. (sample: "Hail to the Chief" mp3 -- which will never be played officially for GWB again)

08. 312th Army Band with selected Honor Band Students from Kansas and Missouri with special Guest Conductor, Dr, Kirt Saville, Recorded Live, March 2, 2003 [bottom of page] (sample: "American Pageant" mp3)

09. JOHN PHILIP SOUSA MARCHES LP shared at OddioOverplay.com

10. 399th Army Band performs ceremonial songs

11. 338th U.S. Army Band performs selections

12. US Army Field Band recordings in their entirety from their Concert Band, Soldiers' Chorus, The Volunteers and The Jazz Ambassadors

13. Entire CDs from The United States Coast Guard Band

14. Music from the US Navy Band Music Program

15. Regimental Band of the US Merchant Marine Academy

16. CDs from the U.S. Army Band "Pershing's Own"

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