15 December 2008

Kiddie Records Weekly Returns in 2009

Some of the best news this season is that Kiddie Records Weekly (KiddieRecords.com) will be returning to share a fourth year of audio joy in 2009. The project began in 2005 with the intentions of sharing a clean rip of children's '40s-'50s 78rpm records.

That age, considered the golden age of children's recordings, was a time when major labels actually invested in records for kids with big orchestras, Hollywood productions, big name composers and celebrities. Despite the high quality, time and technology made relics of these fantastic yet forgotten recordings. Kiddie Records Weekly gives them "a new lease on life by sharing them with today's generation of online listeners."

Basic Hip Digital Oddio, the creators of Kiddie Records Weekly, initially planned to share the digital recordings of these classic 78s for one year. Much to the joy of fan and collectors, the project returned in 2006 and yet again in 2007. Now we are all fortunate once more to look forward to enjoying another year of Kiddie Records Weekly!

If the project is news to you, guess what? Congratulations! All three of the previous years are still hosted online! Whether these are a trip back to your childhood or a visit to a time before your day, you are certain to find yourself smiling as you enjoy these stories and tunes.

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