14 December 2008

Winter Instros

Artist - Title
Style | Album | License | Source

JPrime - Hybrid
hip hop | from Rhyme Torrents Vol. 8 CD 1 | uncertain | Rhyme Torrents

MadHatter - Tetherball Pole
hip hop | from Scrub Club: Noncents vol 3 | copyright | Scrub Club Records

sunbyrn - Blackout
hip hop | from his collection | CC nc-sampling | Starfrosch

mystro - Mercades Kapri
downtempo | from a film soundtrack | CC by-nc | CCmixter

Audiokonstrukte - Deciding in Space
downtempo | from Celebration Compilation 3 | CC by-nc-sa | One Bit Wonder

Trondheim - Märzecke
electro | from Entweder Terence Hill | CC by-nc-nd | Interdisco

Fireproof Babies - Memories of an Old Dog (ft. oldDog)
piano | from their collection | CC by-nc | CCmixter

Lullabelle - Sputter
ethereal | from Interplanetary Materials | CC by-nc | Comfort Stand

Andrew Watson - The Meadow of Illusion and The Wizard
postrock |from a single | CC by-sa | Internet Archive

Nic Bommarito - Continental Drift
postrock | from Taciturn | CC by-nc-sa | 12rec.net

Parade Me - Elegy For Small Things
short | from Where Do All These Spiders Hide? | CC by-nc-sa | Muertepop

Shake that Little Foot string band - Shady Grove
bluegrass | from Shake That Little Foot | CC by-nc-sa | Internet Archive


  1. Noice, cheers for the track love :)


  2. Hi, this is not to actually comment on the Winter Instros but, since there's no article about this on your blog, the "download section"'s excellent S.S.Kresge store album which I downloaded.

    A lot like the old 1950s-60s TV cartoon music used on "Lovable Truly" ["Linus the Lionhearted", CBS-TV/1964-1966, and ABC-TV/1966-1969], "Augie Doggie" ["Quick Draw McGraw", 1959], "Spunky and Tadpole" [1958], and "Ren and Stimpy" [Nickelodeon/1991-1995, SpikeTV/The Nashville Network/2003], in terms of the use of plucked strings.

    Too bad that we don't know who composed or conducted on that fabulous "S.S.Kresge album.": You should really have it also poste don the blog or allow a feedback section for obvious reasons. Ergo, I hope you don't mind me commenting about it HERE.

    Yeah, I used to go in Woolworths, Kresge's, etc. those are not so so much the predecessor to today's KMART, when the five and dimes come in to conversation, but to much classic and colorful versions of today's Green Dollar/99 cent/Dollar tree stores [themselves carrying on in that frugal tradition in their own right, hope they take their place alongside the great five and dimes of yesteryear.

    Now, this music from the "S.S.Kresge" stores's music systems. It's done for the store but again, I gotta sneakin' suspicion that some cartoon - maybe the old Tooter the Turtle character ["King and Odie"/NBC/1963] may have used it --- the television/radio shows and ads using that "background music" had music by Emil Cadkin, Jack Cookerly, Jack Shaindlin, Ronald Hanmer, Alexander Laszlo, Harry Lubin, George Hormel, Harry Bluestone, Charles Williams, and Bill Loose, Dave Rose, but anyone can just as easily come up with string arrangements like the ones on the S.S.Kresge record shown in the "out of print section".

    [Again, though, one of the best recordings of this type I've downloaded or purchased in
    AGES. :)]

    PS The recording, contrary to what was said on the OUT OF PRINT part, was in VERY good condition!


    Steve Carras


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