15 December 2008

Tuesday's Dozen

First in months, here is the freshest Tuesday dozen, straight from the oven
Lilliput OrkestraDroopy ContiniDIY-note - Ruptures
Lilliput Orkestra
Love this French jazz quartet "who plays personal compositions between jazz, rock, electronic and popular music" (MySpace)
[free jazz, post rock, prog]
Droopy Contini
shares 2 delicious CDs, Surpriscording (solid, straight forward, hard bop) and Strikes Back! (swinging bop)
[jazz, hard bop, swing]
DIY-note - Ruptures
several tracks on this warm demo from France have been favorites in our home for years, especially "El Despertar"
[post-rock, acoustic rock]
James Kochalka SuperstarMonsterK7Un Ode au Toy Piano
James Kochalka Superstar
accomplished American comic book artist and writer who is also a rock musician shares many of his tunes and ramblings
[pop, rock]
in French sounds like monster cassette, "a little indie label fond of beautiful musical objects," dedicated to cassette tape preservation
Un Ode au Toy Piano
MonsterK7 presents an international, 19-song comp celebrating the toy piano with some real pros, such as Twink
[rock, pop, post-rock, cabaret]
20 Bands in a BoxBrian EllisA Découvrir Absolument
20 Bands in a Box
La Magic Box puts together annual comps of their favorite indie artists, most from France
[pop, rock, France]
Brian Ellis
Trustworthy CD (2005), myspace, official site
[folk, psychedelic, acoustic, electro]
A Découvrir Absolument
this magazine shares their own series of comps featuring today's French artists
[France, folk, pop, post-rock, electro]
French Comps
01audio-video.com offers up their series of compilations showcasing modern French artists
[France, folk, pop, post-rock, electro, chanson]
little German netlabel billing itself as offering "free and charming music," and they are right!
[folk, acoustic, indie, pop]
busy in Sicily writing and performing "indie; acoustic; low-fi... alternative; experimental; prog; alt folk" check his rearranged Satie works

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