12 May 2008

Record Cover Art and Collection Galleries

photo by de'fchild

Updated the links for this delicious eyecandy at OddioOverplay.com with the help of friends on the Exotica List. Feast your eyes!

  1. 100 Years of Exotica by In Hi-Fi
  2. 317X - Hip Album Covers
  3. 45s Artwork - NoRelevance
  4. 78s, Acetates, and Weird Records
  5. Album Cover Artists

  6. Audio Obstacle Course
  7. Blaxploitation.com
  8. Blue Note: The Finest in Jazz Since 1939
  9. Both Sides Now
  10. Both Sides Now Label Discographies

  11. Cocktail Music for Robots - LP Cover Gallery c1959
  12. Cover Heaven
  13. Dana's Virtual Museum of Unusual LP Cover Art
  14. Demonfuzz Records
  15. Dream Chimney's Sleevery

  16. Easy on the Eye
  17. e l e n c o cover gallery
  18. Epiclectics Vintage Vinyl
  19. Feral Martian
  20. Fidelitarium album covers

  21. Frank's Vinyl Museum The Internet Home of Weird Records
  22. Hillsdale Record Co.
  23. Internet Museum of Flexi - Cardboard - Oddity Records
  24. It's All Under The Hat!
  25. Jim Flora Album Covers

  26. Jim's Collection of Worst Album Covers of All Time
  27. Kiddie Record King Music Library
  28. Kini's Collection (Exotica and Space Pop)
  29. Knockoff*Project Galleries
  30. LP Cover Lover

  31. LPCD.de
  32. Mercury Records Collection
  33. Mike Cade's Sexy Album Covers
  34. Museum of Bad Album Covers
  35. NeverEndingWonder Gallery

  36. Oddity Records
  37. Perfect Square Foot
  38. Pool: A Tribute to the Art of Album Covers
  39. Pool: The Record Collective
  40. Pool: Vinyl Junkie

  41. Pop Cult Magazine's Album Cover Art
  42. Psychedelic Records
  43. Punk Artifax Galleries
  44. Punk Rock Picture Sleeves
  45. R. Crumb Vinyl Records

  46. Radio Bastet LP Cover Gallery
  47. Rate Your Music: Alabaster
  48. Raymondo's Dance-o-rama
  49. Record Envelope: the little library of factory sleeves
  50. RockPoP Gallery LP and CD Cover Artwork

  51. Sabadabada Brazilian Records
  52. Sets of Dereck Von
  53. Sex! Drugs! Rock'n'roll!... and some record covers.
  54. Show and Tell Music
  55. Sixies and Seventies Asian Pop Record Covers

  56. Sleeveface (and on Flickr)
  57. Space Age Pop A Go Go
  58. Strange Records
  59. Templeton Sheet Music Collection
  60. Tralfaz Album Cover Art Gallery

  61. Vinyl Divas
  62. Vinyl Rescue Mission
  63. x818 Like Wild! + others Gallery

  64. Designers, Illustrators


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