09 May 2008

Canada's Finest Metal

Special Edition: Full Metal Podcast
From Lisa Christiansen at CBC Radio 3:

We play a lot of great music here at Radio 3, and for one radio station we do play an unbelievable number of different genres, from hip hop to folk; electronica to pop and hard rock. But there is one genre that is sadly under-represented - metal.

But not anymore. Today marks the first Full Metal Podcast for CBC Radio 3. And I couldn't be more um, filled with unholy joy.

For the past few months a crack team of producers and one eager host, have listened to hours of metal tunes from our collection here at New Music Canada. We then sought out the opinions of a few serious metal heads and created this podcast.

You'll hear music from Protest the Hero, Cursed, Bison, and Cryptopsy. I check in with a touring Cam Pipes of 3 Inches of Blood and ponder the why behind Montreal's metal capital of North America status with legendary drummer Flo Mounier of Cryptopsy. [I had the pleasure of meeting Cam last year. Seems like a great guy. -katya]

It's a cross-country journey through some of the hardest and loudest music being made in Canada today, and it's all in one easy to enjoy package. So kick back and get ready and watch where you bang that head. Neck injuries are not covered by Radio 3.

Download the podcast in one of the 3 formats:M4A | MP3 | OGG

Featured Bands: Protest the Hero, Penetrator, Forty Birds, Gross Misconduct, Cursed, Divinity, Cryptopsy, Rammer, Bison, Soulscar, Arapacis, Sequoia, 3 Inches of Blood and Derelict.

You can find more info here.


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