13 May 2008

Tuesday's Dozen

Tuesday is a real good news day. Here you have a new set of 12 free and legal collections and CDs to get you through the work week! Eat up and be sure to spread the love by supporting these artists!

Magestik LegendCrate KingsNe Zhdali
Magestik Legend
Detroit, Michigan rapper shares 15-track Free CD; shared stage with hitters like George Clinton, Wu-tang, Ludacris, De La Soul, Rakim
[rap, gangsta]
Crate Kings
enjoy the mixes (pictured: Crate Kings vs. Henry Mancini), breaks, tutorials and network offered up by these master hip-hop DJs
[hip hop]
Ne Zhdali
Estonian group pairing "punk energy with the complexity of true progressive rock" (Allmusic.com) shares much of their discography
[rock, prog]
Mercury TheatreMarxist.orgTasmin Little
Mercury Theatre
finest radio drama of 1930s, famous for War of the Worlds broadcast, featured acclaimed drama company founded by Orson Welles
[spoken, OTR]
interesting respository of Soviet history, including national anthems and soviet songs
[soviet, war, Russia]
Tasmin Little
star violin soloist and orch director shares her The Naked Violin CD with works by Bach, Patterson and Ysaye
[violin, classical]
Jason FerrisDa ! Heard It RecordsFoolk
Jason Ferris
this guitarist and singer-songwriter based in New South Wales, Australia shares his 8-song acoustic rock CD titled All I Said online for free
[pop, rock, acoustic]
Da ! Heard It
fun netlabel "influenced by electronic, 8 bit, Easy-Listening, Acid, Toyz-Pop, Breackore, Electro Surf, Electro bass, Miami Bass"
[electro, chiptune]
from the Slovak Republic comes "lo-fi hip hop, beats, jazz cuts and bleeps... with live musical instruments and weird electronics" (aka Foolcut)
LokuaAnimicCrate Digger Death-Match
Lokua - Trails
listening to the urban beats Lokua (Joshua Keckner) lays down, it is easy to connect he is a Chicago native
[electro, hip hop, downtempo, house]
Animic - Hau o Hiu
stirring together the sounds of their home with folk music and electronic sounds in Catalan, Spanish and English
[folk, lo-fi, pop]
Crate Digger Death-Match
"What (albums) can 12 musicians create in 12 hours with only $12 of thrift store finds?" Whole albums of fun jams!
[sampling, varied]


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