13 February 2007

Collaboration at MungBeing

MungBeing is a cutting edge online bimonthly magazine published under a Creative Commons license. The theme of MungBeing issue 12 is collaboration. Feast your eyes and ears on 56 pages of collaborative efforts in writing, painting, drawing and music. The music includes a spoken piece with background music by Matt Love, who was responsible for several of the tracks on the Calling All Fiends release at Oddio Overplay [especially Bureaucratica and The Waiters].

The most ambitious project is The Salted Earth Letters, a novella by KD Bryan, Tim Kirk, Ian Donnell Arbuckle and Cavendish. There's also a wonderful interview with Frank Warren, America's Most Trusted Stranger and the founder of PostSecret. And, in addition to the other fine musical projects, we are thrilled to present a CD-length archive of experimental audio works from the 1980s by renowned Dutch musicians Harold Schellinx and Ronald Heiloo.


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