12 February 2007

Internet Radio

Radio shows online and on the airwaves are your salvation from ever listening to second rate commercial programming. You might really enjoy the great shows on the Oddio Radio Timetable. There are also podcasts and archived radio programs listed there for your pleasure.

Here are some of the stations that the Oddio Bots enjoy at home and abroad:

Ambient Popsicle - Vocal Chilled Lounge
Bide et Musique
Cantonese Opera
Classic Heartland
The Classic Soul Network
Classical on SKY.fm
Classical channel www.radiomax.fm
Classical at melody.fm
Comfort Radio
Dr. Yo
Django Radio Gypsy Jazz
Freethought Radio
FrostByte Groove Lounge
Jet City Lounge chillout mix
Limbik Frequencies
Low Mercury, Deepest Chillout
Monkey Radio
Muppet Central Radio [log in at Live 365]
OEM Radio, original electronic music
Offshore Music Radio [128kbps]
Old-Time, All the Time - Sugar in the Gourd [40kb]
Opstream: Opsound Radio
P h i l o s o m a t i k a
P s y R A D I O . F M
Radio Free Zebulon
Radio Tatarica [Tatarica.com]
Radio Zwolle [Netherlands]
Secret Agent SomaFM
Shirley and Spinoza [the BEST in strange oddio]
SoulfulClassics.com - classic soul and r&b
Systrum Sistum - music in the copyleft
WFMU - 128k Version
WNYC FM, New York Public Radio

Please recommend your favorites, too!


1 comment:

  1. I'd be remiss if I didn't plug the online stream of my beloved WMFO in Medford, found online at wmfo.org.

    Some of the better shows on the schedule are Folk'n Good Music, which has been on-air since the early '80s; On the Town With Mikey Dee, which almost always has an in-studio performance from a local Boston band; British Accents, all UK music; and All About The Women.

    Every show is streamed live via Shoutcast, WinAmp, Windows Media, and iTunes, and podcasts can be found on the Schedule page for the week following the broadcast, assuming the podcast bot is running and the server hasn't been filled with someone's thesis project again.


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