15 February 2007

Classic DC Punk Pics

collection of classic harDCore photos by Susie (Josephson) Horgan"In the fall of 1980, Susie J. Horgan got a job at the Georgetown Häagen-Dazs while in her first semester of a photography class. The ice cream shop was managed by a local fresh-faced kid with a square cleft chin by the name of Henry Rollins. Within days, Susie was shooting class assignments at the shop which marked the beginning of her involvement with the D.C. punk scene, as well as a career in photography. Punk Love is a unique testament of the birth of D.C. hardcore, a raw document of the musicians inventing a new punk sound and a fan-base that absorbed it. At once intimate and authentic, definitive and iconic, Horgan’s photography seizes the youthful energy and spirit generated from this period in punk rock. The images in Punk Love not only reveal a sense of urgency, but also a straight-shooter collectiveness and self-respect that were the focal points of the D.C. scene." [more]

Susie shot some of the most famous Dischord pics

Washington Post's Punk Love photo gallery [02/08/2007]

exhibit at Govinda Gallery through March 3, 2007

official Punk Love book site

Punk Love is available at Amazon, Dischord and wherever books are sold.



  1. There's a new Ian MacKaye interview on VBS.TV (Vice Magazine's TV channel) http://www.vbs.tv/player.php?bctid=494769642

  2. Thanks, Dan. And hosted by Ian the Sven, fellow Dischord artist and longtime DC heckler. Long live the Nation of Ulysses.


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