29 December 2006

Chenard Walcker Tribute

The Chenard Walcker Tribute is coming together on WM Recordings. There is now a page of details for submissions. [It begins with my earlier post, so some is already familiar, but please read on for info.]

from WM Recordings:

- Submissions: We are looking for musical submissions in the style of Chenard, that use samples from Chenard's work or that are dedicated to Chenard. All submissions should be in mp3 format, 192 kbps. Maximum length should be between 3 and 4 minutes.

- Required info: Please state the name of the artist and the title of the song when you send in your submission(s). Feel free to include a short bio, a link to your website and other info you would like to share.

- Deadlines: Submissions should be sent no later than 31 January 2007.

more info...


25 December 2006

The Godfather Is Gone [1933-2006]

James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, passed away Christmas morning. Such sad news. No words. Instead, let's celebrate his music. Thank you, James Brown.

James Brown - Signs Of Christmas
James Brown - Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto
James Brown - Soulful Christmas

Mele Kalikimaka 2006

-- reprinted from December 2005

Happy Holidays from Oddio Overplay. Click your way through an audio card.

Here's hoping you enjoy the season, whether you celebrate holidays or not! Nearly all of the seasonal traditions for this time of year are based on earlier cultures, such as Roman [Saturnalia] and pagan [Yule Tide]. No kidding - decorated trees, wreaths, mulled wine, the works. So what if you don't celebrate one of the religious holy days? Here's hoping everyone has fun and celebrates their season their way. You lucky friends in the Southern Hemisphere, enjoy that summer, too! Cheers to all!


20 December 2006

Come to Tonight's Online Party!

Quiet City Christmas Party this Wednesday, December 20th
in NYC and on LuxuriaMusic.com

Please be a virtual guest by launching the Quiet City webcams and the Internet radio stream from LuxuriaMusic.com to see and hear the party tonight, 8-10 pm EST/ 5-7 pm PST.


Music by DJs

Jack Fetterman
Dennis Kelley
Jimmy Botticelli
Anita (The Meat Mistress) Serwacki

Moodsong by Robert Conroy (Misty Roses)

Go-Go by

Creamy Stevens and Little Brooklyn
of Starshine Burlesque

Fashion by

World of Style Vintage

From the hours of 8-10 pm EST/ 5-7 pm PST, this party will be broadcast in audio and video over the Internet as The Quiet City Penthouse Party on LuxuriaMusic.com. Join in the Holiday Fun!

[I'll also be in the chat room for part of the show, so see you there! -katya]

Tune in now!
audio and video


18 December 2006

Space Boppin' Along

Space Bop radio program in Montreal, Quebec, Canada was broadcast for the last time yesterday evening. After almost nine years of producing and airing Space Bop every Sunday afternoon, Cheryl and Brian have decided that it is time to take a break and reclaim their Sundays.

Show 373 on Sunday, December 17th, was the last Space Bop, at least for the foreseeable future. It featured the hosts' favorites by friends and some listener requests. The show is downloadable in 128kb/s stereo through KCUT via this link for one week. After that, it will be available in mono with the older shows for eight weeks.

It is a genuine honor that Space Bop show 366 showcased our Calling All Fiends. That show is available for download for the next two weeks.

Cheryl and Brian will still be maintaining the Space Bop website, so old playlists will be archived and available there, along with all of the links and info. This Sunday evening tradition will be missed in our home. We wish Cheryl and Brian all the best in their new Sunday adventures!

14 December 2006

Spare Some Change to Save a Baby?

Kim and Bill at DeSoto Records have a very important message below, concerning legendary musician and producer [of countless indie and punk bands] J. Robbins [of Government Issue, Jawbox, Burning Airlines] and his baby, Cal.

Hi friends of J. Robbins, Janet Morgan and Cal Robbins:

J. and Janet's baby boy Cal was born with a serious genetic condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Though there is no cure for this condition, there are lots of treatments that promise to give Cal the the best possible quality of life. Unfortunately, many of these, especially the alternative treatments, are not covered by health insurance.

J. and Janet have given so much over the years to the music community we're all a part of, so Bill and I are hoping you can see in your hearts to help them out now. We've set up a website with more information and a place to make a donation. All of the money will go straight to J. and Janet to help defray their growing medical bills.

Thanks for your support and feel free to send this email on to folks who might likewise be interested in helping.

Take care
Kim Coletta and Bill Barbot

If you'd like to make a small [or hefty] donation or would like to see family photos and learn about the baby's condition, please visit the DeSoto website.


12 December 2006

Chenard Walcker Tribute and Love Letters

Marco of WM Recordings and Weirdomusic.com has passed along the news from Roy "Chicky" Arad that Chenard Walcker, a friend of the online music world, is slowly recovering from a diabetic coma. His brother reports that he is not physically suffering.

Chenard is the prolific visual and musical collage artist who operates the Free Sample Zone with 58 releases available for download (including one for Oddio Overplay.) So many of us have benefited from Chenard's work. This is our chance to repay our sweet friend and to send him our love.

"Chenard Walcker is the self-proclaimed Pope of samplecore, or, to put it simply, of musical cut-n-paste. Within a few years, he became a legend in the netlabel scene thanks to his prolific and virtuoso collages." -- official site

The last time I heard Chenard speak was last year for a get-well-soon radio show put together by Oddio Overplay and Shirley and Spinoza Radio for Otis Fodder.

Let's put together something of love and thanks for Chenard. Roy Chicky Arad [bio] has suggested a tribute album, and WM Recordings is organizing now to host it. It might also be simultaneous hosted elsewhere on the web.

So start making your songs, coloring your greeting cards and making your collages for Chenard now!

All responses should be directed to Marco.


08 December 2006

Excellent Show TONIGHT in DC-MD-VA Area

[click to enlarge poster]

more from the news desk, plus some fun YouTube links at the end of post

Trixie-Lark Productions presents an evening of merrie-music-making at The
Hamilton Arts Collective, 5440 Harford Road (Third Floor), Baltimore, MD
21214, (443) 653-2120, http://www.hamiltonartscollective.org
$8 Doors open at 9 o’clock, Outside libations welcome


New York’s angriest yodeling banjo-player
CURTIS ELLER (http://www.curtiseller.com)
He sings about pigeon racing, performing elephants and Jesus, all of which he
has seen with his own eyes. He started his show-business career at the age of
seven as a juggler and acrobat in the Hiller Olde Tyme Circus in Detroit, but
has since turned to the banjo because that's where the money is. His biggest
musical influences are Buster Keaton, Al Jolson and Abraham Lincoln.
[Blogio team member Perri claims Curtis as a member of the esteemed
Zenguin.com family!]

Baltimore’s Psychedelic Bluegrass Tune-Tailors
LURCH & HOLLER (http://www.emmalizziedowning.com)
E. Liz Downing is a painter, singer and songwriter who grew up in the family
business, the Heart of Dixie Motel. There she was influenced by the customers.
Those deserving mention are peeping toms and the ladies they peeped at,
traveling Evangelists and her mother who sang constantly. After moving to
Baltimore for a painting education, E. Lizzie began a performance trio Lambs
Eat Ivy with singer Michael Willis and film maker Nancy Andrews. LEI created
and toured plays described as "mystic hillbilly theater”. Lurch and Holler is
the current work of Liz and Michael. They accompany their careening vocals
with banjo, piano, electric drums and monkey screams. In this Appalachian
parlor style they perform operettas and parables scary and beautiful like a
confessional at a family picnic.

San Francisco’s Vivacious Uke-Slinger and Songbird
TIPPY CANOE (http://www.tippycanoe.net)
Tippy Canoe is on a mission to bring sincere uplift in a severely down-slanted
era. Her voice is a mixture of the 60's girl group sound and classic country
with its own quirky nature shining through. Her songwriting bears the stamp of
a person who has absorbed a variety of influences. These range from 20's and
30's acts like The Boswell Sisters or Jack Teagarden to 50's and 60's
performers like Brenda Lee or The Chiffons and catchy post-punk bands such as
Squeeze or Blondie.

Baltimore’s Renaissance Rabble-Rouser
SKIZZ (http://www.skizz.net)
It's hard to say if Skizz is better known for being the drummer from a
thousand bands, or being the brains (and sweat) behind Baltimore's own
underground film festival, Microcinefest. Either way, he hopes to change that
by becoming best known for his ukelele virtuosity. He currently also plays
ukulele in The Awkward Sounds of Scott & Skizz (aka A.S.S.S.) and drums in The
Jennifers and Garage Sale, and has previously been a member of Blister Freak
Circus, Gill, Jag, Berserk, Dirty Sanchez, The Bowlermen and innumerable other
fine musical outfits.

and there to guide you through it all:
CITIZEN RAHNE (http://www.rahne.com)
Citizen Rahne Alexander is a tough talkin' dame with a funny mean streak and
an obsession with Nietzschean existentialism. She has a couple of guitars, a
toy organ, and a drum machine and she gleefully uses words that are as long as
her legs on her debut CD “Blonde On A Bum Trip”. She is also a comic
performance artist and a member of Baltimore's revolutionary queer cabaret,
the Charm City Kitty Club, which received a Lesbian Theater Award in 2004 from
Curve Magazine. Add to that author, journalist and transgender activist and
that means you’re in for one brilliant Mistress of Ceremonies.


Skizz recently put a couple of his short films and a few live Awkward Sounds of
Scott & Skizz clips on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=eskayizezy

AND DON'T MISS THIS: Courtesy of Scott "Unpainted" Huffines and Atomic TV -
Suzanne Muldowney, better known as "Underdog Lady," sings "Silent Night"
accompanied by "The Awkard Sounds of Scott & Skizz" at the 2006 Mayor's
Christmas Parade in Hampden, Maryland.

Skizz on the web: http://www.skizz.net
Skizz on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/eskayizezy


Remembering John

Sgt. Floyd Pepper [puppeteer Jerry Nelson] - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
[a George Harrison song, but fits the bill]

John Lennon - Imagine

Imagine there's no heaven

It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today...

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one


07 December 2006

Beatle Cover-a-thon at Lux

John Lennon
[9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980]

from the news desk...

LuxuriaMusic Says "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!" (And No, No, No!) to the Beatles on Dec. 8, 2006

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. To observe the 26th anniversary of John Lennon's death, Internet radio station LuxuriaMusic (www.LuxuriaMusic.com) will celebrate the music of the Beatles in its own special way this Friday: by not playing one single Beatles performance. Instead, LuxuriaMusic DJs will dig deep into their vinyl vaults and CD cabinets to spin a solid 24 hours of artists - from the sublime to the psychotic - covering Beatles songs.

Fans of the Fab Four will want to visit LuxuriaMusic.com to hear artists such as Ramsey Lewis, the Ventures, the Beach Boys, Enoch Light, Bud Shank, the Hollyridge Strings and Vinnie Bell interpreting Beatles classics.

Beatles non-believers can tune in to "enjoy" artists such as Pinky & Perky, Mrs. Miller and choruses of canines and out-of-tune children butchering the Beatles much like the band did to dolls on the original cover of their Yesterday and Today album. Station DJs who do not normally have Friday shows will be dropping by the studio to play mini-sets of Beatles-inspired gems from their personal collections.

"All of us at LuxuriaMusic genuinely love the Beatles, but pop culture is so saturated with Beatles music on oldies radio, television and commercials, that you don't really have to sit down and listen to them anymore. You can just hear them in your head, and you're satisfied," said program director Chuck Kelley. "So one of the few steadfast rules at LuxuriaMusic is, 'Don't play the Beatles!' There are so many other great under-appreciated artists to play. The way we pay tribute to them is by playing idiotic moog synthesizer versions of 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,' wordless-vocal covers of 'Yesterday' and also the unquestionably great, non-ironic cover versions that exist. It'll be fun for both the DJ and the listener. I promise!"


Love Overdue

Only so many hours in the day, and I have been meaning to spread the joy about these online music marvels. Enjoy, friends!

:: Our beloved Ugress in Norway has a new Kosmonaut EP now available for download there among the already available and genuinely fabulous Ugess hits. [previous blogio posts about Ugress]

:: Wolfgang Deimel is a guitarist who is sharing a sampler of 10 of his tracks online as Wolfmusic. His gravelly voice and gentle guitars are a lovely combination. The production quality is excellent, and these could easily be heard on adult contemporary radio. Rock songs that will also appeal to fans of the neo-folk artists, like Sufjan Stevens, but that also carry a Wild West flavor. I'm playing this on the next lonesome desert drive.

:: The Dickies, that classic silly punk band, shares audio files on their official website. I could fight with my sister for trading off our Dickies and Husker Du records back in school, but when I hear "Manny, Moe and Jack," I'm smiling too much to bug sis. Yeah, you can download that Pep Boys tune there. Yay!

:: Snarf in Copenhagen shares cool Kabinet mp3s and an eerie spooky track called Glass Torso. I bet you dig it. I do.

:: Koto master Elizabeth Falconer's website, KotoWorld.com features her award-winning CDs of Japanese music and her widely acclaimed musical story adventures. Enjoy mp3s of Elizabeth's and friends work.
- Duo En performing "Winter Cranes"
Japanese shakuhachi (bamboo flute) and the 13-string koto (harp)

- Elizabeth Falconer (koto) and John Falconer (shakuhachi bamboo flute) as duo En performing "Enigma"

- Dragonfly (Aiko Shimada , vocals and guitars; Elizabeth Falconer, koto; and Mako, Okinawan sanshin, vocals, and ukulele) performing "Mahalo"

- "Midnight Rain," koto duet performed by Elizabeth and son Brian on their chocolate lovers' release

- Elizabeth performing koto solo work "Higure" (Sunset)
:: From lovely koto to Japanese rock? Sure! Shattered Mirror hosts a changing lineup of artists' musicfor the pleasure of your ears and max exposure to artistos in Audio Hysteria. Mr. Write has a weakness for Japanese metal, so he is gonna love Panic Channel and Hizaki. The covers by BBQ are very silly.

:: Have you checked out all the releases that are still available from PCL LinkDump? Yo, get on over there and indulge in oddio. You'll love it!

:: As you can imagine, the Oddio Bots were happy to find Big Giant Robots. This is in the vein of The Laziest Men On Mars' "The Terrible Secret of Space" used in a Flash cartoon by Jon Robinson and their "Invasion Of The Gabber Robots" a remix of Zero Wing video game music by Tatsuya Uemura used in the "All Your Base Are Belong to Us" Flash cartoon [info].