07 December 2006

Love Overdue

Only so many hours in the day, and I have been meaning to spread the joy about these online music marvels. Enjoy, friends!

:: Our beloved Ugress in Norway has a new Kosmonaut EP now available for download there among the already available and genuinely fabulous Ugess hits. [previous blogio posts about Ugress]

:: Wolfgang Deimel is a guitarist who is sharing a sampler of 10 of his tracks online as Wolfmusic. His gravelly voice and gentle guitars are a lovely combination. The production quality is excellent, and these could easily be heard on adult contemporary radio. Rock songs that will also appeal to fans of the neo-folk artists, like Sufjan Stevens, but that also carry a Wild West flavor. I'm playing this on the next lonesome desert drive.

:: The Dickies, that classic silly punk band, shares audio files on their official website. I could fight with my sister for trading off our Dickies and Husker Du records back in school, but when I hear "Manny, Moe and Jack," I'm smiling too much to bug sis. Yeah, you can download that Pep Boys tune there. Yay!

:: Snarf in Copenhagen shares cool Kabinet mp3s and an eerie spooky track called Glass Torso. I bet you dig it. I do.

:: Koto master Elizabeth Falconer's website, KotoWorld.com features her award-winning CDs of Japanese music and her widely acclaimed musical story adventures. Enjoy mp3s of Elizabeth's and friends work.
- Duo En performing "Winter Cranes"
Japanese shakuhachi (bamboo flute) and the 13-string koto (harp)

- Elizabeth Falconer (koto) and John Falconer (shakuhachi bamboo flute) as duo En performing "Enigma"

- Dragonfly (Aiko Shimada , vocals and guitars; Elizabeth Falconer, koto; and Mako, Okinawan sanshin, vocals, and ukulele) performing "Mahalo"

- "Midnight Rain," koto duet performed by Elizabeth and son Brian on their chocolate lovers' release

- Elizabeth performing koto solo work "Higure" (Sunset)
:: From lovely koto to Japanese rock? Sure! Shattered Mirror hosts a changing lineup of artists' musicfor the pleasure of your ears and max exposure to artistos in Audio Hysteria. Mr. Write has a weakness for Japanese metal, so he is gonna love Panic Channel and Hizaki. The covers by BBQ are very silly.

:: Have you checked out all the releases that are still available from PCL LinkDump? Yo, get on over there and indulge in oddio. You'll love it!

:: As you can imagine, the Oddio Bots were happy to find Big Giant Robots. This is in the vein of The Laziest Men On Mars' "The Terrible Secret of Space" used in a Flash cartoon by Jon Robinson and their "Invasion Of The Gabber Robots" a remix of Zero Wing video game music by Tatsuya Uemura used in the "All Your Base Are Belong to Us" Flash cartoon [info].


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