08 December 2006

Excellent Show TONIGHT in DC-MD-VA Area

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more from the news desk, plus some fun YouTube links at the end of post

Trixie-Lark Productions presents an evening of merrie-music-making at The
Hamilton Arts Collective, 5440 Harford Road (Third Floor), Baltimore, MD
21214, (443) 653-2120, http://www.hamiltonartscollective.org
$8 Doors open at 9 o’clock, Outside libations welcome


New York’s angriest yodeling banjo-player
CURTIS ELLER (http://www.curtiseller.com)
He sings about pigeon racing, performing elephants and Jesus, all of which he
has seen with his own eyes. He started his show-business career at the age of
seven as a juggler and acrobat in the Hiller Olde Tyme Circus in Detroit, but
has since turned to the banjo because that's where the money is. His biggest
musical influences are Buster Keaton, Al Jolson and Abraham Lincoln.
[Blogio team member Perri claims Curtis as a member of the esteemed
Zenguin.com family!]

Baltimore’s Psychedelic Bluegrass Tune-Tailors
LURCH & HOLLER (http://www.emmalizziedowning.com)
E. Liz Downing is a painter, singer and songwriter who grew up in the family
business, the Heart of Dixie Motel. There she was influenced by the customers.
Those deserving mention are peeping toms and the ladies they peeped at,
traveling Evangelists and her mother who sang constantly. After moving to
Baltimore for a painting education, E. Lizzie began a performance trio Lambs
Eat Ivy with singer Michael Willis and film maker Nancy Andrews. LEI created
and toured plays described as "mystic hillbilly theater”. Lurch and Holler is
the current work of Liz and Michael. They accompany their careening vocals
with banjo, piano, electric drums and monkey screams. In this Appalachian
parlor style they perform operettas and parables scary and beautiful like a
confessional at a family picnic.

San Francisco’s Vivacious Uke-Slinger and Songbird
TIPPY CANOE (http://www.tippycanoe.net)
Tippy Canoe is on a mission to bring sincere uplift in a severely down-slanted
era. Her voice is a mixture of the 60's girl group sound and classic country
with its own quirky nature shining through. Her songwriting bears the stamp of
a person who has absorbed a variety of influences. These range from 20's and
30's acts like The Boswell Sisters or Jack Teagarden to 50's and 60's
performers like Brenda Lee or The Chiffons and catchy post-punk bands such as
Squeeze or Blondie.

Baltimore’s Renaissance Rabble-Rouser
SKIZZ (http://www.skizz.net)
It's hard to say if Skizz is better known for being the drummer from a
thousand bands, or being the brains (and sweat) behind Baltimore's own
underground film festival, Microcinefest. Either way, he hopes to change that
by becoming best known for his ukelele virtuosity. He currently also plays
ukulele in The Awkward Sounds of Scott & Skizz (aka A.S.S.S.) and drums in The
Jennifers and Garage Sale, and has previously been a member of Blister Freak
Circus, Gill, Jag, Berserk, Dirty Sanchez, The Bowlermen and innumerable other
fine musical outfits.

and there to guide you through it all:
CITIZEN RAHNE (http://www.rahne.com)
Citizen Rahne Alexander is a tough talkin' dame with a funny mean streak and
an obsession with Nietzschean existentialism. She has a couple of guitars, a
toy organ, and a drum machine and she gleefully uses words that are as long as
her legs on her debut CD “Blonde On A Bum Trip”. She is also a comic
performance artist and a member of Baltimore's revolutionary queer cabaret,
the Charm City Kitty Club, which received a Lesbian Theater Award in 2004 from
Curve Magazine. Add to that author, journalist and transgender activist and
that means you’re in for one brilliant Mistress of Ceremonies.


Skizz recently put a couple of his short films and a few live Awkward Sounds of
Scott & Skizz clips on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=eskayizezy

AND DON'T MISS THIS: Courtesy of Scott "Unpainted" Huffines and Atomic TV -
Suzanne Muldowney, better known as "Underdog Lady," sings "Silent Night"
accompanied by "The Awkard Sounds of Scott & Skizz" at the 2006 Mayor's
Christmas Parade in Hampden, Maryland.

Skizz on the web: http://www.skizz.net
Skizz on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/eskayizezy


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