18 December 2006

Space Boppin' Along

Space Bop radio program in Montreal, Quebec, Canada was broadcast for the last time yesterday evening. After almost nine years of producing and airing Space Bop every Sunday afternoon, Cheryl and Brian have decided that it is time to take a break and reclaim their Sundays.

Show 373 on Sunday, December 17th, was the last Space Bop, at least for the foreseeable future. It featured the hosts' favorites by friends and some listener requests. The show is downloadable in 128kb/s stereo through KCUT via this link for one week. After that, it will be available in mono with the older shows for eight weeks.

It is a genuine honor that Space Bop show 366 showcased our Calling All Fiends. That show is available for download for the next two weeks.

Cheryl and Brian will still be maintaining the Space Bop website, so old playlists will be archived and available there, along with all of the links and info. This Sunday evening tradition will be missed in our home. We wish Cheryl and Brian all the best in their new Sunday adventures!

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  1. Hey-no place to reply, so I'll do it here. Yes, David Beaudouin has spoken to me, and I'm excited. It's a funny coincidence, your post today.

    I'd choose "Love's Hysterical," if I could choose.


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