16 November 2006

Onions Onions La La La

Right now I am on a quest to replace my copy of Susan Christie's 1966 tune "I Love Onions" from the CD GOLDEN GOOFERS. The song was written by Donald Cochrane and John Hill, and the chorus is a real mind number, "Onions, onions, la-la-la! Onions, onions, ha-ha-ha! Root doot doot-doot, doot doot doot!" We love it here. In my quest, I came across these other onion songs you might enjoy.


01. Booker T and the MGs - Green Onions

02. Shibboleth - Black Onions [site]

03. Little Red - Pop Onions Song [France] [site]

04. Heartless Bastards - Onions from their Stairs and Elevators CD on Fat Possum Records

05. Ron Nasty and The New Rutles - Cheese and Onions [live] [site]

06. Chris Moors - Onions [site]

07. Rowlf the Dog - I Never Harmed an Onion [site]

08. Billy Jones and Ernest Hare - She Knows Her Onions (1926)

09. Jounce - Green Onions [live cover, 2004-12-18, Porter's Tap Room]

10. Blues Brothers - Green Onions [live cover, 1980]

11. Kim Bingham - Sauteed Onions [little rockin excerpt] [site]

12. Spaguita - Onions Make Sense [site]

13. Dan Daniels and Your No Good Buddies - (I've Been Eating) Onions [2min excerpt] [site]

14. Jared Karol - Yogurt and Green Onions, "a guitar instrumental about Kettle Chips" [site]

15. Doc eWil - Cream and Onions, "Tech Instrumental Creamware meets vintage instruments" [site]

16. Flux with Julius Hemphill and Sam Rivers - Out Looking for Onions, Potatoes and Bread (Duane Johnson) [Jazz Composers Alliance]


17. Graham Kerr - Caramelized Onions, Fabulous Flavor Base [site]

18. Tony Tantillo, your fresh grocer - White Onions [site]

19. Growing Onions and Harvesting Onions from the Oregon State University Extension Service

20. Audio articles titled Onions, Onion Sets and Transplants, Onion Planting Tips and Onion Growing Advice from the Southern Gardener of Mississippi State University

Also found out about this fun sounding record, Various Artists - Fried Glass Onions - Memphis Meets The Beatles

If all this makes you hungry, here's a zip of my tiny cooking site put together once upon a time with cooking tips and some recipes.

Now, may I offer you a breath mint?


  1. You Are the Whackest Wacko. Onion Songs? ONION Songs? Girl, You So Crazy.

  2. This post has me all teary eyed...

  3. Three more tracks I found in my collection (sorry, I can't find the links).
    Jeanne Hayes, Mike Russo & The Dellwoods from the album "Fink Along With MAD" - Don't Put Onions On Your Hamburger
    The Beatles - White Album - Glass Onion (How could you forget that one?)
    Lord Of The Rings movie trailer parody (artist unknown) - Lord of the Onion Rings

  4. frostyfossil @ iinet,net.au10 January, 2007

    Onions etc. la la la, I've been looking for this song for years - didn't think anyone else had ever heard of it. Can you help me get a download?

  5. I now have three versions of 'I Love Onions' on 7-inch vinyl, the American one by Susan Christie and two British ones by Laurie and Chicory Tip. To my ears, Laurie has the best version - it's not a lot different from Susan Christie's version but is lifted above it by:

    a) the addition of swanee whistle
    b) Susan's voice, especially at the end, where she says: 'but they are very, very tasty'

    Chicory Tip (for those of you who have never heard of them) were one-hit wonders with 'Son of My Father' - a great song (an early production by Giorgio Moroder!). However, they have really pulled 'Onions' to pieces, even adding some new lyrics about a garden full of onions.

    I first heard it (the Laurie version) on TV, accompanying a report about an onion factory. Fast forward thirty-odd years and we now have the World Wide Web. One day the chorus popped into my head, and as I never knew what the song was called, went to Google and typed: "Onions onions la la la". In an instant the title popped up in the search results and I developed a mild obsession (can an obsession be mild?) with the song. Before long, eBay had furnished me with the three versions I speak of (or type about anyway).

    Have you had any luck finding 'Golden Goofers' yet?


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