17 November 2006

No More Uncle Neptune?

Uncle Neptune has closed up shop. The news has had me revisiting his music. You can enjoy three of his CDs on his website, UncleNeptune.com.

When was the last time you played Uncle Neptune's music? Here's a little reminder of the magic therein to start your weekend off on a sweet note.

1. Uncle Neptune - The Good in Everything

2. Uncle Neptune - Little Bluebird

3. Uncle Neptune - The Sunny Sweet Side of Life
[visit the site to hear the next song he talks about]

4. Uncle Neptune - I Like Being Me

5. Uncle Neptune - The Uncle Neptune Club Theme

6. Uncle Neptune - Oh Me Oh My
[I sing this one most mornings.]

Please send a quick note to Uncle Neptune to say you enjoy his music, so that he will come back to us someday. Thank you.

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