14 November 2006

C'mon, Get Happy!

I've been medicated for eight days, so now that I am easing back on the web, I'm returning happy sounds I love. Here are places I return to for keeping ears happy!

..:::... Glubibulga's Suoni Scorretti. Slap-Press.com, home of such marvelous, gifted, Italian nuts as Okapi and Camilla Falsini, puts together great playlists. I've learned about fun new artists through them. You might want to check the archives, too. If you click "playlist & info," you will be led to the artists' cool websites. [stream #6]

..:::... Zenguin.com Streams. Blogio teammate Perri knows all about Webjay. In fact, she designed their logo. Check out the members of the Zenguin family along with several others of her fun playlists. [stream the Zenguin artists]

..:::... Comfort Stand Favorites. A happy assortment of favorites from the quirky all free all the time Comfort Stand Recordings netlabel. Large catalog from which to choose your own collection of favorites. Enjoy many other playlists, too. [stream]



  1. Hey guys, jsut a heads up on a couple of things you might find interesting. I've just launched a new Vinyl Sharity program through my Myspace account, and you can learn more about that at my blog, http://hearitwow.blogger.com.

    Next week, I'll be broadcasting a whole ton of outsider audio on WMFO 91.5 in Medford. Two hours on Thanksgiving night, and another four over the weekend at a time TBD. I've unearthed an industrial musical from Life Magazine that I don't think anyone's heard before, along with some other nifty things.

    This week's sharity offering is The LT Sound Demo Album, which features some nice, unprocessed Paul Davis vocals. I hope you fans of the offbeat will check it out.

  2. Between the typo and the bad URL, I musta been pretty tired that day.

    Thanks for the correction, katya.


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