19 November 2006

Joan Jett on Animal Torture

Joan Jett, rockstar!Browsing through Joan Jett's website, I found she was involved in an animal protection campaign, ButterballCruelty.com.

Seems that for four months undercover investigators worked at a Butterball turkey plant in Ozark, Arkansas, and witnessed despicable acts of cruelty to animals that would horrify any kind person. This one plant abuses and kills approximately 50,000 birds each day. more info

Although they constitute more than 95% of the land animals eaten in the United States, birds are not included in the only federal law designed to protect animals at slaughter, the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act (HMSA). How about sending an automatic email to Congress or to the US Secretary of Agriculture [via US Humane Society] asking them to change that to include birds? Shouldn't birds be protected from torture at slaughter time?

In a related note, here are recipes, tips and more for Thanksgiving Day. I'm thankful to live in a country where representatives in government are expected to represent the will of the people.

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  1. Proud to say I consumed no turkey over the weekend. I did eat a duck, though. Or at least part of one, at the Chinese restaurant that was blessedly open to meet my primal need for food and mai-tais.

    I spent a good part of Thanksgiving on the air, broadcasting some never-before heard stuff that you might like. I've posted links to all five hours (yes, five hours of mp3 goodness) at my site, hearitwow.blogspot.com.

    I'd like to say it was free of technical difficulties, but it wasn't. Sorting out the turntables at the station is a challenge, and some things had a tendency to skip, but it's all there, all free, and I'll be releasing high-quality mp3s of the tracks in the coming months.


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