08 November 2006

Declan de Barra Shouts for Those Who Cannot

Enjoying the sun this morning, my mind wandered back to the now foreign sad snowy days of last Winter, to that desperation to be free of the dangers of ice and deep cold. The theme song was

Clann Zú - Words for Snow [mirror]

Clann Zú was even then already defunct. I don't know how much longer they will keep the media on their site for you to download. Here is a reminder to get over there and check out their music. I love it myself.

The members have moved on to other projects. The founder,Declan de Barra, tours internationally nonstop. He keeps his site up to date and shares music and video. myspace and another of his projects on myspace

Last month, Declan started a blog, as well.

But the UN is a lame duck, the power of veto of the strongest over the weakest makes it impotent. I know next week there will be another Bloody Sunday in Palestine. I know we are still recovering here from Bloody Sunday that happened in 1972. I don't understand how these people will ever forget.

I want to punch a wall. Or maybe i should pick up the guitar. Maybe if i shout loud enough into the void someone else will listen and they will start shouting. Maybe I'm dreaming. I know i am white knuckle angry.

I wonder if the sniper and the Tank commander are having breakfast with their families. I wonder if they feel sick, or if they feel nothing. I wonder what happened to the Israeli pilots and soldiers who refused to attack the occupied areas before the 1967 borders? I wonder if i would have the balls to stand up against the tide of my own nation? I wonder what is going through the head of a young boy this morning who has lost his mother, brother, sister, father?

He is a human being who is well worth listening to and well worth supporting.

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