28 September 2006

Oddio Just Made Searching for Sharity Easier

Vinyl Sharity v1 is a search engine I put together for finding specific artists, songs, releases and so forth on some favorite vinyl sharity websites. Searching blogs and feeds was easy, but I had no engine to search the websites like those in the Vinyl Sharity Network, such as Bellybongo, Podsville and the Vinyl Orphanage.

You can use Vinyl Sharity v1 to search online, and if you use the Firefox browser, you can even add it to your search engines on the toolbar! Yay!

Give it a try! If your favorites aren't in there, customize it or make your own!

[If your sharity site or blog did not appear in this search engine, please don't think it is beacause I don't love you. I only added 25 sites.]

I also created the Free and Legal Music search engine. Can you dig it, baby?


  1. I use this now all the time from my FF bar. It is making finding podcast music so simple. Thank you for putting in the time to make this search.

  2. Free and Legal Music search engine rulz. You find and/or make the coolest sheeyat.


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