02 October 2006

Cover Art and Record Collections

Below are fantastic sites featuring collections of recordings, sheet music covers, discographies, or album cover art. Know any others that should be included?

  1. 100 Years of Exotica by In Hi-Fi
  2. 317X - Hip Album Covers
  3. 45s Artwork - NoRelevance
  4. 78s, Acetates, and Weird Records
  5. Both Sides Now
  6. Audio Obstacle Course
  7. Bizarre Record Covers
  8. Blaxploitation.com
  9. Both Sides Now Label Discographies
  10. CBS Late Show Record Collection
  11. A Child's Garden of Record Labels
  12. Cocktail Music for Robots - LP Cover Gallery c1959
  13. Cover Heaven
  14. Dana's Virtual Museum of Unusual LP Cover Art
  15. Demonfuzz Records
  16. e l e n c o cover gallery
  17. Fidelitarium album covers
  18. Jim Flora Gallery (Record Cover Artist)
  19. Hillsdale Record Co.
  20. Hip Surgery Music Guide Links to More Album Art
  21. The Internet Museum of Flexi - Cardboard - Oddity Records
  22. Kini's Collection (Exotica and Space Pop)
  23. K-Tel Classics
  24. Retro Cocktail Hour Cover Gallery
  25. Frank's Vinyl Museum The Internet Home of Weird Records
  26. Gilstrap It Crawled From the Bins
  27. It's All Under The Hat!
  28. Mercury Records Collection
  29. Oddity Records
  30. The Perfect Square Foot
  31. Psychedelic Records
  32. Radio Bastet LP Cover Gallery
  33. Rato Records
  34. Raymondo's Dance-o-rama
  35. Retroplanet
  36. Sabadabada Brazilian Records
  37. Sex! Drugs! Rock'n'roll!... and some record covers.
  38. Show and Tell Music
  39. Space Age Pop A Go Go
  40. Ted Staunton's 78 rpm Label Collection
  41. Templeton Sheet Music Collection
  42. Tralfaz Album Cover Art Gallery
  43. Vinyl Rescue Mission

This is from Oddio Overplay Links. Sites you recommend will be added to the list.


  1. Wonderful!!

    here's some antique sheet music to add:

  2. Ktelclassics.com is no longer online. Lisa had to take it down.

  3. This post was amazing... like crack for the collector. thanx.


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