27 September 2006

Mark Harp Tribute CD

Our King of Peru

Mark Harp would have turned 50 in 2007. We lost a real musical talent far too soon. What do you think of a tribute CD of covers of Mark's music? Here's hoping folks who admired him and who worked with Mark will come together for this venture.

Listen to 3 hours of my favorite Mark Harp songs from his various bands

Enjoy 24 Hours of Mark's Music organized into free CDs

Then come back with a cover of YOUR favorite? Sounds like a cool early 2007 project, right? It would be freggin fantastic to turn new people on to Mark's works. Please post a comment here, if you are interested in this project, or send me an email. Thanks.

Clark Bars for everybody! xoxo,katya


  1. I'd like to cover Cabal/Null's "Blissful Trust," I think.

  2. So many songs to choose from. I would be into this for sure. Blissful Trust is a good one.

  3. I would join! Not sure which will I chose, still, but I'd love to do something.

  4. Blissful Trust and Bowling With You are probably my two faves. I've been covering King Of Peru and Unemployed Total Videoid Blues for a few years now - I'll work on getting a recording made. Any other Balto-area folks need drums or ukulele for this project, let me know.

  5. Wow! I have a mailbox full of enthusiasm for this project! This brings me such joy!

  6. Even though I'm not that familiar with his music, I will join and work on something too. Mark was on the same Zappa surf tribute CD as me and his was one of the best tracks.


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