27 September 2006

Charles Magnante and Orch - Fiesta!

Yes, Land of 999 Dances is back! When I was updating his link the Sharity Living Rooms around the Globe page on Oddio Overplay, I checked out the other sharity sites, as well, to be sure that they are still sharing.

This fun Command release of classic space age pop accordian is still available from Goofspot. I loaded my copy, and did a little dance around the room. If this record makes someone new smile, then I will be so happy!

Thank you, Goof! This is old news to friends, but I lost a little over 4,000 records in a flood this summer. That included almost all the Command catalog I had collected over the years. This Charles Magnante recording was hard for me to find. Thanks again, Goof!

Charles Magnante and Orch - Fiesta

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