29 August 2006

Mystery Audio Challenge

Mystery Tracks from the Theater of the Living Arts. Sometime in the early 80's, my friend Dan and his pal Randy inherited a bunch of real-to-reel tapes from the attic of the TLA in Philly. They had a friend that worked there when they were remodeling. Dan thinks Randy still has the tapes, but he had copied a few choice tracks to cassette. He was hoping that oddio friends might be able to identify them.

Are we up to the challenge? Go get 'em!



  1. Speaking of MYSTERY AUDIO, did anyone ever nail all of those songs from the Disneyland Enchanted Tiki Room lobby music tape? The challenge was put to the Exotica list in January of 2004.

  2. FRENCH SONG: "Ça a Raté (It Failed)" by Francoise Hardy


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