05 September 2006

Calling All Fiends

There is a new Halloween project brewing at Oddio Overplay. If you have a creepy tune, a ghost story or scary artwork, join the fun!

Here is some ghoulish audio to get you geared up for making monster music!

:: Martinibomb and the Coconut Monkeyrocket present Munster Beat!

:: Halloween Damage, an hour of cinematic music to awaken the fiend within you

:: Ghouls with Attitude, Otis Fodder's 2-CD Halloween fun

:: The fantabulous, marvelous, most excellent Scar Stuff

:: These Records Are BenT is sharing [via rabidshare] 10 out of print LPs already!

:: Jim Stark's Rock'N'Roll Radio
October 30, 2005 Rock'N'Roll Chainsaw Massacre
playlist [pop-ups warning], download show

:: Old Time Radio Horror Programs [embedded]

:: Fatty Jubbo treats at Cake and Polka Parade
1. The Halloween Sound of Horror
2. Mostly Ghostly
3. Lambert, Hendricks & Ross - Halloween Spooks
4. The Haunted House flexi
5. More Moaning & Screaming

:: Dr. Terror's House of Horrors

:: Mostly Ghostly Music Sharing Blaaahhhggg! [blog for next link]

:: Forbidden Crypts of Haunted Music [embedded]

:: Parade of the Damned at the WFMU Blog

:: Come Play with Us Danny, excellent reviews of classic horror flicks

UPDATE: Da Thing from Charm City writes...


And let us not forget:

:: Old Haunts
:: Haunted Vampire
:: Spook Shows
:: The Horror Blog
:: http://spinningspyder.typepad.com/schlocko/
:: Atom Films - Horror
:: Where the Monsters Go, The Horror Blog Update Page: the web's most comprehensive listing of horror blogs



  1. Ah yes... My favorite time of the year. Here are a few links from my blog from last year worth grabbing:

    Night Touch (David Vanian)

    Dead Beat Dance (The Damned)

    Tenterhooks (David Vanian)

    Hell (Level 42)

    Can't wait for October 31st

  2. Can't wait to see what you guys cook up!


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