10 October 2005

Strings Attached!

strings attached!

I was in a thoroughly jazzy, gypsy, stringy mood this weekend! Here are some of the wonderful bands that kept that wanderful mood going strong:


•=• Les Yeax Noirs •=•

•=• Luminescent Orchestrii •=•

•=• Swing Booty •=•

•=• DeVotchKa •=•

•=• Swing Gitan •=•

•=• Devil In The Kitchen •=•

Update: KEXP presents DeVotchKa and Rogue Wave live from the Museum of TV and Radio in NYC (download performance mp3) [53:50]


  1. Luminescent orchestrii has a new CD!! www.lumii.org

  2. This is FANTASTIC!!!! Thank you!!

  3. Spent more time with these. The violin in DeVotchka ['girl' in some slavic languages] really calls to mind those great old Bartok pieces. Thanks again for these great bands. Will watch for them in tour circuits.


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