12 May 2013

RhymeSquare Comps

Being fans of Ill Papa Giraffe [Facebook], we were happy to find them on the new sampler from UK independent clothing label RhymeSquare, RhymeSquare: Volume Three, Late Spring. Check all three volumes.

Typical modern hip hop sadly reflects ignorance, negativity, misogyny, and violence. In some shining scenes, however, you find intelligence, positivity, equality, and community -- all vital to early hip hop. This is one of those shining scenes. Hear their messages. Most of the artists on this RhymeSquare compilation are artists to support and celebrate. That says something good about the good people at RhymeSquare, too.

Go on and get yourself some fun music, fun threads, and a cool little bear at RhymeSquare!

Music License: all rights reserved
Artist Location: United Kingdom

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