13 May 2013

Eisley Preview Album

Later this month, Eisley will release their Currents album. While awaiting the May 28th launch date, listeners can enjoy their Currents and More Sampler, a featured free NoiseTrade release. The Currents launch is the start of the Eisley summer tour.

"Eisley’s fourth album, Currents, is a study in contrasts. It’s the sound of a band growing up, but not forgetting the magical power of childlike curiosity or the joy of unselfconscious creativity. It’s an album that nods to playful pop and stormy rock, but also gentle electronica and delicate classical. But more than that, Currents finds the group forging their own path in the world, but never losing sight of the homegrown heart that’s made the band beloved by legions of fans."
-- NoiseTrade profile

Music License: all rights reserved
Image: Currents album cover
Artist Location: Tyler, Texas, USA

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