28 April 2013

That There Is Truckin'!

Back in 2008, Roctober Magazine hosted a big piece in issue 46 on the history and highlights of a type of fourth generation American country music known as "truck driving" music. To celebrate the release, Roctober gave away truck driving music cassettes featuring covers of classics and originals by the Roctober staff.

Jake, the Roctober editor and a key player behind the legendary dance show Chic-A-Go-Go (yay!), offers the truckin' songs on Dinosaur Gardens. He writes, "For those of you who missed the party, or who don’t have a cassette player, we are posting the compilation in its entirety here, including the 'bonus track,' a rare 70s soul 45 that is the all-time funkiest trucking tune."

Also included at Dinosaur Gardens are the stories of the cover songs and bonus tracks, adapted from the pages of the magazine. There are article excerpts at Roctober's website, too. You can still get your hands on your own copy of Roctober #46 for just $4!

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Photo:  "Red American Truck (Kenworth Truck Typ W 900, Bj. ca. 1985, 240 PS, 12800 ccm, 6 Zyl.) - West USA" by PRA, 2007.
Photo license: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported
Cover improvised by Oddio Overplay

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