27 April 2013

Haunting, Beautiful Female Acapella Experiment

Inspiring Vancouver performance artist, modern dancer, and musician prOphecy sun released her fourth solo effort this month, Sleep Fever on the impressive Panospria label.  The release was recorded at home in a sort of sleep haze associated with her pregnancy. Layers of her echoing voice create a beautiful lullaby very different from her other projects, such as Tyranahorse (hear "Rumble Tumble", for instance).

The Panospria writeup says, "The compositions focus on the voice as a symbol of the unconscious, capturing the immediacy of emotive textures and sounds that live inside her head. Her rhythms are of scattered daydreams, primal outpourings and apocalyptic visions."

Here is a preview of the title track. Check out the full album at Panospria.

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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