25 February 2013

The Beautiful Music Sampler

The Beautiful Music label in Ontario, Canada, purveyors of fine pop,"collectors and distributors of fine music," offers you a taste of their pop goodness with their label sampler 15 Beauty Tips For Modern Music Lovers.
"Anyone who knows us already knows that we love giving things away free and so here we are doing it again. Great music deserves to be heard and we think that we have released some of the greatest music you will ever hear, on our tiny imaginary label. If we had our way we would just give away all our albums for free but that doesn’t help recoup some of the costs for the bands so we only ask that if you enjoy some of these tunes, then please support some of these artists, whether it is attending their shows or purchasing a few more of their songs or just telling all your friends about them or about this free sampler."
This bubblegum may get stuck in your head! Hear for yourself!

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