01 November 2012

WFMU After the Storm

Frankenstorm knocked out both WFMU transmitters. The station is streaming online again, but there is studio damage. The storm also knocked a strong source of revenue for the station off the calendar, The WFMU Record Fair*. The station stands to lose a huge amount of money that it has already invested in and would have earned through the fair. These and additional damages will hurt the world's greatest freeform radio station. Please help.

Latest news as of this post:
"WFMU is streaming online from our damaged studios in Jersey City! Both our transmitters are still of the air, but our streams, our website, archives and silent fundraiser are all up and working double. The Storm took out power at our studios and BOTH our 91.1 and 90.1 FM transmitters, and thankfully electricity was recently restored to our Jersey City studio, where large amounts of electrical damage took place. As soon as power is restored and damage can be ascertained at 91.1 & 90.1 FM we will be back on the air as well. We are trying to locate all of our staff members, some of whom suffered substantial damage and dislocation but all of whom are safe."
The autumn fundraiser fell short this year, too, so please protect this important leader in independent, freeform radio. Thank you.

* The WFMU Record Fair is cancelled, because the Metropolitan Pavilion has no power and does not expect any until Saturday at best. The trans-Hudson PATH will be closed, and MTA and the Holland Tunnel are also not expected to be fully operational this weekend.