31 October 2012

Horror Music for Video Production

Happy Halloween 2012! Katya here with this mix just in from the Free Music Archive:

Music to Video has assembled a 13-track mix that will send shivers down your spine, make all the ghouls dance, and get grandma to climb out of her grave, just to tell you to turn down the volume.

All the tracks in this mix are licensed for reuse, such as in music accompaniment for your video productions. You might also use these tracks as you prepare your entries for the FMA video contest with the Prelinger Archives. The FMA suggests footage of a Halloween Party or Experiments in the Revival of Organisms? Deadline for this contest is creepily close: November 4th.

You can enter the contest and win prizes and prestige! I've played around making one with snippets from the social guidance films by Coronet Instructional Films. Those 1950s classroom films are a hoot!

photo: The fabulous Mantan Moreland as Jefferson Jackson in the 1941 horror flick King of the Zombies. The film is now in the public domain and available for free download from the Internet Archive. Enjoy!